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These are the people who put in hours of work behind the scenes to help this league run the way it is. If you have any questions or concerns, and board member will be glad to help you any way they can.

President - Tony Putaski

Vice President - Mike Hall

Secretary - Debbie Hengst

Treasurer - Terri Hall

Player Agent - Bill Malaney

Umpire in Chief - Todd Collins

Purchase Agent - Mary kinney

Tournament Director - Al Boudreau

Concession Manager - John Pallaci

Activity Coordinator/Softball V.P. - open

Senior V.P. - open

Major V.P. - Kevin Mooradian

Minor V.P. - Jeff Cafarella

Midget V.P. - Shari Spina

Safety Coordinator - Frank Maietta

Trustee - Joe Cafarella

Trustee - Carm Colao

Trustee- Rudy Maida